​​Patrick Firearms

A different, personal, more effective way to train...

At Patrick Firearms we take a much different approach to firearm safety and shooting skills training.  We offer a "family-friendly" atmosphere with small class sizes which allows for more one-on-one training with the instructor to ask questions in order to learn safe handling techniques and develop your shooting skills.  If you are a man or woman, young or old inexperienced shooter, you will feel most welcome in this personal, positive, family learning environment.  And even if you are more experienced -- you will especially like the one-on-one instruction to hone your skills. (learn more)

John Patrick is an NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  In addition John is an Oklahoma Certified SDA Instructor and is CLEET Certified.  John has been shooting since he was a young boy and eventually wanted to become certified as a firearm instructor to help new and emerging shooters develop better safety and shooting skills and more experienced shooters hone their skills. (learn more)

Why us?

We're family-owned and operated. The owners, John and his wife Linda have been part of the Claremore, Oklahoma community for over 20 years.  At Patrick Firearms we offer a variety of training classes and personal instruction sessions, all focused on your individual training needs. (learn more)

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