At Patrick Firearms we are committed to safety...

I wanted to provide a different approach to training.  I am committed to helping new and inexperienced shooters develop safe handling, storage and shooting techniques.  I also want to help break bad habits from more experienced shooters. In addition, I want to help advise (if you so desire) on the most appropriate type of handgun to meet your specific needs.

Over the years of shooting I have experienced a variety of shooters at the local ranges.  Some exhibit safe and responsible shooting and handling techniques and some do not.

I believe that most all people want to be safe when handling and shooting a gun, both to protect themselves and others around them.  However, some people have not invested time to learn these techniques.

I also believe that some are reluctant to take these classes because they feel either too inadequate or inexperienced and they would feel embarrassed around other more experienced shooters.  All I can say is that we all have been there -- and even I am not the "expert sharpshooter" -- I am always trying to improve my skills too!

Others I feel are reluctant to take such classes because they might not feel comfortable or fit in to the "good ole' boy" shootin' and cussin' environment that sometimes is associated with this sort of training.  At Patrick Firearms we offer a "family-friendly" experience, being respectful to both men and women, younger and older. 

Many younger adults, women and men, want to enjoy shooting as a hobby, or want to feel more confident if they are carrying a firearm for self protection.  However many younger people don't want to take classes for the reasons I stated above. I understand, I have two younger adult sons -- and  I can identify with that sort of thinking.  I think you would feel comfortable in our classes.

Many elderly people want to own a gun as to protect themselves at home but are reluctant to buy one because they really don't feel comfortable shooting it.  They are reluctant to take classes because they really don't want to be an "expert shot", they just want to learn good basic skills and learn how to handle and shoot safely. We offer classes here at Patrick Firearms just for these specific needs.

And others I believe don't take these classes because they feel like they would just be part of a large group -- sitting and listening, but not receiving real hands-on, personal instruction. This type of training is not what you would receive here at Patrick Firearms.  I prefer smaller class sizes which allow for better direct hands-on instruction and better one-on-one dialog as to answer your questions and concerns.

Teaching these classes is not my main job -- I do these classes as a " working hobby" (in-between my fishing addiction and real work!!) because I want to promote safe gun use and help develop better shooting skills.  I do charge for these classes because I have real costs associated with my NRA training and certifications, my investment in handguns, training aids, specialized computer software, etc.,as to properly teach these classes, and as importantly -- I feel you too need to make an investment because if you are spending money on these courses -- you will take them more seriously.

And finally, young or old, new or experienced, I can help advise you (if you want me to) on the best type and caliber of handgun to meet your specific needs.  Choosing the right type of gun(s) to meet your needs is a very important decision.  I do not sell guns, so I have no vested interest in pushing you toward any type of gun for my personal gain.  Is a revolver or semi-auto the best choice for you?  Do you need a small frame gun, or larger frame?  What caliber is best?  Do you plan to carry it on your person, in your car, store at your home, or all situations?  Do you live in an apartment or home?  Do you have small children?  Do you plan to shoot recreationally or only use your gun for protection?  These and many other questions help in determining the best type of gun to fit your needs.

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the Oklahoma Self Defense "Concealed Carry" Act.  I like guns.  Being more safe gives you more confidence when handling and shooting.  Honing your shooting skills makes it more enjoyable and rewarding when shooting.

If you are interested in taking one of my classes -- I would be glad to have you!


John Patrick

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Oklahoma SDA Firearms Instructor

​​Patrick Firearms