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Oklahoma Standard SDA Handgun License Course
This is the standard class offered for the requirements to obtain your Oklahoma SDA "Concealed Carry" license. (learn more)

Oklahoma SDA Handgun License Course PLUS
This is a more advanced class that offers not only the standard requirements to obtain your Oklahoma SDA "Concealed Carry" license, but additional training on handgun safety and shooting skills. (learn more)

NRA Pistol Marksmanship Simulation Training Course
Learn the basics of shooting, proper safety and practice shooting skills in a safe environment
with no live ammunition by using a safe and realistic laser fire training gun. (learn more)

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course Phase II
Includes the skills and techniques as above but offers more advanced training on safety and
shooting.  Practice shooting is with actual live-fire handguns. (learn more)

Personal Instruction
Hone your safety and shooting skills by working one-on-one with an NRA Certified
Instructor by using either simulation or actual fire handguns. (learn more)

Handgun Rental
Want to take a class but don't have a handgun to use.  You can rent one at
Patrick Firearms. (learn more)